About Us

We are the Corontzes Family and have loved living and working in South Carolina our entire lives, beginning at our grandparent’s notable Capitol Café in downtown Columbia right in front of the State Capitol building.  It was a 24 hour-a-day diner where we all held down our first jobs as young teens.  Then, one by one, all came to Clemson University as freshmen ranging from the years of 1972 to 1988.  Four of the five brothers who came here for school; Nick, Zach, George, and Ted either stayed or returned to Clemson to become restaurateur partners. 

After Nick’s sudden passing in August 2010, his wife Nancy joined the partnership after working for the restaurants in administration and hosting for many years.  Other family members have key roles in both restaurants as well.  Among this next generation, with Clemson degrees and strong culinary training, the interest, work ethic and talent is there to carry on the family tradition.
These two Clemson restaurants are our chance to offer our local patrons and visitors a place to relax, and enjoy great meals and libations in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.


About Calhoun Corners

For over 30 years, Calhoun Corners has served only the highest quality ingredients available.

All natural hand-cut beef is served at levels of prime or choice only.  Lightly seasoned with a house blend and grilled over searing infrared heat for a perfectly caramelized exterior and a moist, naturally juicy interior.

Our fresh fish and seafood are just that; always fresh, arriving ice-packed several times a week.  Fileted in house and prepared in a variety of outstanding ways for nightly specials.

The pasta, lamb, pork, duck and chicken dishes along with several vegetarian and gluten-free choices are also meticulously prepared with the freshest ingredients available and have become as popular as our highly reputable beef and seafood creations.

Many of the desserts at Calhoun Corners are made from scratch like the pretzel-crusted Key Lime Pie and the  Kahlua-laced Pecan Pie.  Our bold and smooth coffee is locally roasted and delivered weekly.  Ground just before brewing, it’s the perfect complement to any of our desserts or with your favorite after-dinner cordial.  Many of our guests buy the Calhoun Corners coffee by the pound to enjoy at home.

The atmosphere of this historic 1893 building is not to miss; warm, rustic and elegant all at once.  The main dining rooms on both levels and the secluded private dining apartment are designed for relaxing comfort as you leisurely enjoy your experience at Calhoun Corners.  There are five fireplaces from the original  construction that are used during the cold months.  Calhoun Corners at Christmas time has been a favorite spot for many years and is among some of our local families’ annual traditions.

We greatly appreciate your patronage and hope Calhoun Corners meets or exceeds your expectations.

–The Corontzes Family